Learning Solutions and Technology for the Modern Healthcare World

For over 15 years, RPSystems has been delivering high performance interactive learning solutions to the healthcare industry.

Strategy Consulting
Deployment Solutions
Courseware Design and Production
Extensive Experience and Portfolio of Projects

Modular Solutions
Just What You Need

Program architecture. Interactive Learning Design. Media Creation and Editing. Courseware Development. Learning Management Systems. Custom Learning Portals. Reinforcement Tools. Custom Learning Games. Scorm. Tin Can. Reporting Systems.

We do it all, and we’ve done it all.

But, companies also have systems in place. Often legacy systems. We understand that, and know how to craft media and deployment solutions that still perform great and work within your context.

Deployment Solutions for All Scenarios

You’ve got a difficult deployment scenario for your learning materials? We’ve got a solution. We’ve beaten these challenges dozens of times.

We integrate today’s solutions into our projects to optimize every deployment situation.

And we support those deployments, every step of the way.

Specialized in HTML5 Technologies

We have been doing this successfully for over 15 Years, but always with the latest technologies. We’re continuously researching new and improved approaches to accomplishing learning goals.

Today, most of our media and courseware techniques and technologies are based in HTML5. This ensures compatibility with current and future devices and eases migration from legacy enterprise systems.

Compliance / Results Tracking

Our courseware and deployment solutions support all the tracking and compliance standards for LMS support, and then some, and our custom portals and dashboards make admin easy.

Our custom network of cloud-based tools allows us to craft just the solutions needed and to get the right tools and information into the hands of the right people, in accessible, easy-to-use ways.

Great eLearning is Created in Teams

At RPSystems, we bring learning and technology together. Our expertise is focused on it. To make complete learning programs, we work closely with your internal and external subject matter experts (SMEs), content and strategy experts, and communications departments and agencies. If your needs involve subject-matter content development, planning, writing, or project organization and coordination, you may want to check out some of our favorite companies to work with. Much of our best work has been done with them, and we’re proud of our relationship and collaborative accomplishments. These agencies can provide broader ranges of services than our focused field allows. Check out their sites below.

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